The Best French Indie/Pop Albums

  1. On by Joyce Jonathan [2018]
  1. “Adieu” — a sassy song where she bids a betraying boyfriend goodbye. The music video tells the story in a pretty comical manner with some magical/ silly elements.
  2. “Verseau”, where the bright guitar and drums almost make the instrumentation sound like a Beach Boys track, but her lyrics are a bit more serious with the question of: “Au moins dis-moi si tu me tiens la main
    Ou si c’est bien la fin”
    (at least tell me if you’ll hold my hand, or if it’s the end).
  3. “La Petite Mort” inspired me to choreograph a ballet dance to it 7 years ago because of the melancholic but pulsing piano that made me think of swans swirling. The chorus repeats: “Et au creux de ses bras, La mort nous bercera” (in the hollow of his arms, death rocks us to sleep). I’m unsure if she is referring to the typical meaning of the French phrase “La Petite Mort,” or if she is using it in her own way.
  1. “Qui a raison?”, or “Who is right?” questions authority and asks who could possibly know the truth in this life.




Makerspace Coordinator, STEM Curriculum Designer, Runner.

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Erin Thomassen, M.Ed.

Erin Thomassen, M.Ed.

Makerspace Coordinator, STEM Curriculum Designer, Runner.

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