Pros + Cons of Deleting Social Media

PRO: I focus on my own aspirations rather than on what everyone else is doing.

CON: I may have no idea what’s happening in the news.

PRO: It’s actually interesting to catch up with old friends.

CON: When moving or traveling, it’s more challenging to find acquaintances.

CON -> PRO: I can’t send and receive event invitations on Facebook.

PRO: I’m not constantly bombarded with political arguments.

CON: It’s harder to find + join groups.

PRO: If I ever have kids, I won’t be tempted to plaster pictures of them all over the web.




Makerspace Coordinator, STEM Curriculum Designer, Runner.

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Erin Thomassen, M.Ed.

Erin Thomassen, M.Ed.

Makerspace Coordinator, STEM Curriculum Designer, Runner.

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